Addlington-West Group Limited: Media Statement


As you may be aware, a liquidator has been appointed to administer winding down procedures for Monster Rewards SL and Monster Group (Travel) SLU.


As a credible, independent claims management company, Addlington-West Group Limited has agreed with the liquidator to represent claims on behalf of consumers who purchased membership/club products from either Monster Rewards SL and/or Monster Group (Travel) SLU.


Following this announcement, it has been brought to our attention that Monster creditors are receiving deliberately misleading correspondence from organisations, warning consumers against engaging with Addlington-West Group Limited.


The fact that the communication is misleading—upholds and justifies consumer apprehension surrounding the exacerbating of any potential scams. Thus, in light of such confusing and troublesome external circumstances, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with reassurances. In our opinion, effective communication is vital to facilitate consumer understanding.


Addlington-West Group Limited are not experts in (and neither claim to be) the complex processes of liquidation. However—our own assiduity establishes a generalised interpretation, whereby an appointed individual will assume the role of administrator/liquidator to steer a company through the processes of winding it up. 


Following the removal of the original board of directors at the Monster Group, Mr G Flynn has now been appointed as the official administrator/liquidator. However, Addlington-West Group Limited have absolutely no control or responsibility over the communication methods applied and presented by Mr G Flynn, the Monster Group or indeed, any other external sources. 


As the official liquidator, it is our understanding that Mr G Flynn has an obligation to ultimately maximise any returns to creditors and to act in a reasonable and efficient manner. Taking this into consideration and following a strict process of due diligence, the official liquidator has written to Monster consumers recommending Addlington-West Group Limited—as a trusted source for those seeking reimbursement.


Addlington-West Group Limited have been recommended by the liquidator for our expertise and experience at handling these types of complex claims. Equally, because we have no connection to or any trading history with Monster Group.


To assure you that your best interest is our genuine intention, we would like to further address and elucidate upon some key points raised in the unsolicited communication. These are as follows:

  • Addlington-West Group Limited was incorporated in 2018. Specifically established to accommodate new legislation that came into effect on 1st April 2019.
  • The claims management industry is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and not the Financial Service Authority (FSA). Furthermore, the FCA superseded responsibility for the conduct and relevant prudential regulation from the FSA on 1st April 2013. Any credible and legitimate claims management company would have knowledge of this.
  • Please note, our company is called, “Addlington-West Group Limited”.
  • Although the communicator of the misleading correspondence frequently refers to specific processes as being, “highly suspicious or highly unlikely”, the communicator fails to state the reasons or support why they believe this to be the case. Therefore, this leads Addlington-West Group Limited to query exacting levels of expertise in the processes being refuted. Furthermore, it highlights a forceful persuasion to confuse opinion over fact.
  • In relation to statements concerning our director, Mrs Christina Taylor—these are inaccurate and would appear to be nothing more than non-factual declarations. If you require any information regarding our company profile, board of directors and stakeholders, please contact us.
  • By applying a strict process of intense due diligence, Addlington-West Group Limited have and always will remain vigilant to any potential scams. In the event of any unlawful practices or actions, rest assured that we will immediately address and report any concerns to the appropriate authorities.

As a regulated claims management company, in respect of claims management activity, Addlington-West Group Limited are proud of our solid reputation. We always work compliantly, on the basis of fact and we offer all of our clients a no-nonsense, professional and fair service.


It is important to be aware that you do not have to use the services of a claims management company and you can choose to represent yourself. However, our clients choose Addlington-West Group Limited because we understand the exact process of lodging your claim, the required paperwork and the timescale that we need to work to.


Before instructing any company to handle your claim, do some research and get to know the company whom you are entrusting—the route you choose for making your claim should always be your own decision. 


As always, we advise that before you engage with any company that contacts you, or one that you may have seen through advertising or on the Internet, always remain vigilant about unofficial communications.


If you have any concerns or had dealings with either Monster Rewards SL and/or Monster Group (Travel) SLU or you require any further information please contact us.

Media Statement Update: Director Announcement


“Further to the above media statement, it has been brought to my attention that false and defamatory allegations are being presented to Monster consumers by external and seemingly self-appointed adversaries. This, in regard to my professional capacity as director.


Therefore, I would like to personally reassure all Monster consumers of my exact position.


I have not “canvassed” for the Eze Group. Neither have I ever represented or been associated (in any capacity) with the following companies/organisations/individuals:


•             Legal Prosecutors Ltd.

•             Litigation Services SL of Fuengirola.

•             Rameriz & Rameriz.


Furthermore, I have no knowledge of their existence.


In the face of business, it would seem that there is a telling tendency for organisations and individuals to not only try to antagonise their competitors’ efforts, but to also attempt to unjustly discredit them.


I appreciate that I have taken a rather unusual approach, however, as always, Addlington-West Group Limited, maintain a refreshingly open, honest and transparent work ethic.


If you have any concerns or questions regarding our company profile, stakeholders and dynamics, please don’t hesitate to contact us."


Christina Taylor


Addlington-West Group Limited