Incentivised by government and often marketed by companies as a “win, win situation”, homeowners were encouraged to invest in renewable energy in order to reduce their electricity bills and make a return on their investment.


This involved purchasing solar panels, sometimes through finance agreements or credit arrangements, with any excess energy then being sold to the national grid for a guaranteed amount.


Unfortunately, many unsuspecting homeowners fell prey to mis-selling when the savings, benefits and returns of their solar panels were grossly exaggerated. Mis-sold solar panels have left many people out of pocket, not only struggling with expensive monthly repayments on finance agreements, but also coping with larger than expected electricity bills too.

Mis-Sold Solar Panels Claim Eligibility

As a customer you rely on the advice you receive at the point of sale. If you were misled, even if the company you dealt with is no longer trading, there may be a way to recover your money or even write off any ongoing finance or credit agreement.


Every case of mis-selling is different, therefore in the first instance, our experienced team will assess your solar panel claim based on several factors that include:

  • The suitability, size and location of your property.
  • Your energy usage.
  • How you paid for your solar panels.
  • How they were sold to you. For example, if you were advised that the income you would receive would negate any monthly finance payments .

If you think you may have fallen victim to solar panel mis-selling, our specialist team are waiting to help you today.


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Please note that telephone calls to our office are recorded for training and monitoring purposes. Addlington-West Group would like to remind you that you are not required to appoint a third-party to represent a claim. You can submit your own claim for free or you can complain to the statutory ombudsman, compensation scheme or represent the claim to alternative dispute resolution scheme if the respondent is a member of such.