mis-sold carbon credits

Frequently marketed as a “green” investment, countless organisations and individuals invested money into carbon credit schemes, particularly as a SIPP investment. However, the return rate was brought into question as more and more investors discovered that they couldn’t trade or sell their credits and their investments had completely failed.


Moreover, there have been numerous scams surrounding carbon credits (as highlighted by the FCA) and many companies who sold carbon credits have since gone into liquidation.

Mis-Sold Carbon Credits Claim Eligibility

Despite the gloomy outlook and the knowledge that carbon credits are unregulated, if you have lost money through carbon credits, all hope is not lost. There may still be a means of redress.


Every case of mis-selling is different, therefore in the first instance, our experienced team will assess your carbon credit claim based on several factors that include:

  • The investment value and if your carbon credit investment related to a SIPP.
  • How you paid for your carbon credits.
  • The risk versus your investment experience and financial situation.

If you have experienced losses through your carbon credit investment, our specialist team are waiting to help you today.


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